Sample Classicum Articles

A selection of articles published in Classicum, most recent first:

A. Rogerson, ‘Sex and the City: Ovid’s elegiac Rome’ (vol. 38.2, 2012, pp. 17-24)
E.A. Judge, ‘What did Augustus think he was doing?’ (vol. 36.1, April 2010, pp. 3-6)
H. Lindsay, ‘Recent developments and recent work on the House of Augustus on the Palatine and the location of the Lupercal’ (vol. 34.2, October 2008, pp. 17-19)
J. Kindt, ‘Oracular ambiguity as a mediation triple’ (vol. 34.1, April 2008, pp. 23-7)
F. Muecke, Domus and Via: place-hunting in Hor. Satires 1.9 and Juvenal 3’ (vol. 29.1, April 2003, pp. 18-22)


Table of Contents

The full Table of Contents for Classicum Volumes XXVI.2 (October 2000) to XXXIII.2 (October 2007) is available for download as a PDF document.


Classicum Issues

Past issues from 2009 are available on the Informit database.





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