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Past Todd Lectures

1 The Aristocratic Epoch in Latin Literature
Professor R.E. Smith 1947
2 The Emperor and his Clients
Harold Mattingly 1948
3 A Roman Post-Mortem
Professor (later Sir) Ronald Syme 1950
4 The Initiation of Aeneas
Sir John Sheppard 1955
5 The Character of the Romans in Their History and Their Literature
Sir Frank Adcock 1961
6 On Reading a Horatian Satire
Professor C.O. Brink 1965
7 Lucius Sulla — The Deadly Rerformer
Professor E. Badian 1969
8 Augustus the Patrician
Professor E.T. Salmon 1974
9 What is happening to interpretation of Virgil's Aeneid? Professor G.W. Williams 1976
10 Method in Criticism Professor K. Quinn 1981
11 Rewriting and Rereading the Fasti: Augustus, Ovid and Recent Classical Scholarship Professor R.E. Fantham 1994
12 Poetry and Philosophy in first-century B.C. Rome: 
Lucretius and the Nature of the Universe
Professor H.D. Jocelyn 1995
13 The Roman City-State under the Emperors 29 BC-AD 69 Professor F. Millar 1997
14 Ovid: a poet of transition?
(Published by the Department of Classics, University of Sydney 2000)
Philip Hardie 2000
15 Bonds of Danger
(Published by The Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Sydney 2005)
Professor Kathleen Coleman 2002
16 Catullus to Martial: the author’s body and the (im)materiality of the classical text
(awaiting publication)
Professor Joseph Farrell 2004
17 The Romans Overseas
(awaiting publication)
Nicholas Purcell 2007
18 Apuleius’ Golden Ass from Antiquity to the Renaissance. A Survival Story
(awaiting publication)
Prof. Em. Julia H. Gaisser 2008
19 Symptoms and Sympathy in Latin Letters
(Published by the Department of Classics and Ancient History, University of Sydney 2011)
Miriam Griffin 2011
20 Consensus and Community in Republican Rome
(Published 2014)
Harriet Flower 2013
21 Memory and Forgetting in the Age of Augustus Karl Galinsky 2014


Publication Details

Lectures 1-12 were published individually or in small groups then collected in the following editions:

Lectures 1-8:
Essays on Roman culture : the Todd memorial lectures (ed. A. J. Dunston)
Toronto : Sarasota, Fla. : S. Stevens, 1976.

Lectures 9-13:
sidere mens eadem mutato (ed. Frances Muecke)
Prudentia Supplementary Number 1998,
Dept. of Classics and Ancient History, University of Auckland

Publication details for Lecture 14 onwards are included in the table above.



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