Classical Association of NSW

Ian McLeod Awards

The Ian McLeod Awards exist to support projects which will promote the development of classical studies in NSW. The amount awarded to successful applicants is usually of up to $2,000. More or less any kind of education except university education can be supported by these Awards. Applicants must be current financial members of CANSW.

Previous awards were approved for projects in the following areas:

* subsidizing a magazine issue on a relevant theme
* supporting a Latin in primary schools scheme
* co-ordinating a project to restore classical languages to the National Curriculum (successful – the languages not in February 2011 version but in the November one)
* providing AV equipment in an adult education setting

For further details, please download the award sheet.

Applications for the awards of 2018

Applications due 31 May 2018

Click here to download the application form

Please send applications by email, by 31 May 2018 to:
Emma Barlow, Secretary of the Classical Association of NSW

   Classics New South Wales