Augustus from a Distance
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Augustus from a Distance

A conference in the bi-millennial year of the death of Gaius Iulius Caesar Octavianus Augustus at the University of Sydney

29 September to 2 October 2014

Caesar Augustus died at Nola on 19 August, 14. On conventional dating, 2014 marks 2000 years since his death and offers a chance to reflect on the man, his history, the culture named after him and the different ways that scholarship studies and has studied him.

Conveners: Eleanor Cowan, Geraldine Herbert-Brown, Andrew Pettinger and Kathryn Welch.

Confirmed speakers include Professor Nicholas Purcell and Professor Barbara Kellum. Professor Karl Galinsky will deliver the Todd Memorial Lecture during the conference.

The venue: The conference, sponsored by the Department of Classics and Ancient History, will be held in the Centre for Classical and Near Eastern Studies of Australia on the main campus of the University of Sydney (


Conference sponsors

The Ian Potter Foundation

Latin Summer School
Sydney Latin Summer School

The Australasian Society for Classical Studies

University of Sydney
School of Philosophical and Historical Inquiry